Different Types Of Blogs That Make Money

Health and Fitness Blog

If you’re new to blogging, make sure to check for blog types that you’re interested in and enthusiastic about as you go through this list. It will make the journey even more gratifying, and you may even be able to get there faster because you will be eager to write and work on your blog. Here is a list of the different types of blogs that make money.

Types Of Blogs That Make Money

Finance Blog

types of blogs that make money: Finance Blog

Finance blogs offer financial advice to people from many walks of life, whether you’re a college student trying to pay off debts, a parent, or have some extra cash you’d like to spend or invest sensibly.

When it comes to ads, finance blogs have some of the highest CPMs because advertisers have a lot of competition and can pay a lot more than most categories because their products create significantly more income. This is, of course, a huge gain for bloggers.

Business Blog

There might be a lot of overlap between business and marketing blogs when it comes to blogs. This is because one of the most important aspects of running a business is marketing.

Firm blogs cover topics such as industry trends, practical advice on establishing and expanding a business, and several startup possibilities based on your individual circumstances.

Marketing Blog

Another option to make money from blogs is to create marketing-related content. This is one of the types of blogs that make money. It’s more specialized, and it’s usually for other marketers or a specific type of material. Many businesses may utilize marketing blogs to entice visitors to join up for further services or products.

Writing about freelancing or optimal SEO strategies is another area that is linked to marketing. Alternatively, you might write about blogging!

Lifestyle Blog

types of blogs that make money: Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle blogs can cover almost any topic related to your personal life. It’s the only niche on this list that can be about a variety of things rather than just one. Do you travel the world as a digital nomad? Perhaps you excel at writing about relationship counselling and interior design. Or maybe you’re all three at the same time! A lifestyle blog accomplishes this by allowing you to write about your own life.

Personal Development Blog

When you think about self-help, the first thing that comes to mind is personal development.

These blogs typically assist readers in connecting with their true selves and controlling their emotions in order to attain their objectives, visions, and desired lifestyles.

Parenting Blog

Raising children is a demanding task. Parenting blogs offer advise to fellow parents and expectant mothers. Consider launching a parenting blog if you have children and want to share your experiences raising them. It’s also something to which a large number of individuals can connect. Do you have a knack for coming up with fun things to do with your children? Make a blog post about it!

Health and Fitness Blog

Health and Fitness Blog

Self-help isn’t just for the emotional and mental aspects of life. Many individuals want to enhance their physical health and attractiveness, and this is where health and fitness blogs may make a lot of money.

Fitness and health blogs assist readers in leading a healthy lifestyle while also increasing their strength and fitness. This does not have to be a bodybuilding blog; you can write about a variety of themes, including healthy eating, niche workout and exercise plans, nutritional advice, how to do certain exercises, mindfulness and body positivity.

Food Blog

If you enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes, you’ll enjoy blogging about it. Recipes and cooking instructions are frequently featured on food blogs. They may also incorporate videos and have a lot of photographs. Food blogs could be for you if you’re the type of Instagrammer who constantly shares images of your food and is always trying to get the right angle to highlight the dressing in your salad.

Travel Blog

If you enjoy visiting new places and sharing people about your adventures and the various things you saw, did, ate, and so on, a travel blog could be the perfect fit for you.

Travel blogs feature various locations and provide readers with ideas for their next vacation, things to do on their next trip, and places to dine. Beautiful photographs, extensive listings, and thoughts on the finest things to do and see from a local’s perspective are common features of these blogs.


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